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Erie Laser Professionals was formed with one purpose in mind, to offer state-of-the-art laser treatments at extremely affordable prices to the greater Lake Erie community. Our personable staff of registered nurses and certified laser technicians will provide outstanding customer service in our relaxed spa like atmosphere. Our Duality and Eternity lasers (designed specifically for the tattoo removal industry) will ensure maximum results for all of your pigment removal needs.

What to Expect

As the number of tattoos applied each year continues to increase, so does the number of people seeking to either revise, lighten, or remove their tattoos altogether.

Erie Laser Professionals understands that a lifestyle change, a change in personal taste, new relationships, or a career search can elicit the desire for tattoo removal or revision. Over 40 million Americans have tattoos and nearly 60% of them have considered having at least one of them removed. If you are one of these people, Erie Laser Professionals can help.

Typ​e​s of Services

Erie Laser Professionals uses the industry's most powerful and effective laser on the market, we provide maximum results in a relaxing spa like atmosphere.

Download our informational brochure and bring it in or show it on your smartphone for a 25% off discount on your first treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is tattoo removal safe?

Yes! Laser tattoo removal at Erie Laser Professionals is very safe and ​extremely effective. In fact, tattoo removal at E​LP ​will yield ​far ​better results​ than any other ​non-laser option for removing tattoos​.​ Laser tattoo removal requires no downtime and all ​staff ​Erie Laser Professionals are certified ​laser technicians​.​

How long does treatment take?

Individual treatments are fast. Anywhere from a few seconds to 15 minutes. A true lunch break procedure! In fact, ​the Trinity laser at Erie Laser Professionals features the fastest Nd:YAG and Ruby component​​s to ensure that even the most intricate of tattoos can be treated in the shortest amount of time possible​. However, ​​multiple treatments are needed for ​complete removal of ​almost all tattoos​. ​Each treatment penetrates a little deeper, ​pulverizing more ink and leaving the tattoo progressively lighter.​ ​Many factors determine just how many are needed, but the average number ​for​ ​removal of professionally applied ink ranges from ​5 to ​12 treatments. The variables include​:
1) Tattoo size​
2) ​Ink color​
3) Location on the body​
4) ​Age of the tattoo​
5) ​Immune health/activity​
6) Skin type​.​ ​​​Also, each treatment must be spaced a minimum of ​4 to 8 weeks ​apart​ ​to allow ​the immune system time to sweep away ink particles.

How much does laser tattoo removal cost?

Cost will vary because no two tattoos---like no two people---are alike. Typical costs can range between $250 and $950. Erie Laser Professionals offers a free consultation for every tattoo, which includes an assessment, pricing, and discussion of the treatment process. There is a ​$​75 ​minimum ​​charge per treatment, once the procedure has begun. We accept all major credit cards.

What Are the Side Effects?

Side effects are generally minimal. Minor swelling and redness in the treatment area immediately following treatment is common. This is perfectly normal. If your skin is particularly sensitive there may be some blistering and subsequent scabbing, which is also normal. Each of these side effects can be minimized with proper aftercare. Aftercare instructions are given below and are very similar to the aftercare instructions given after a tattoo is applied. ​

What Is Aftercare?

1) Keep the area clean and covered for 3 days following treatment. Change the bandages twice daily and after exercise or excessive sweating. Apply healing ointment to protect and encourage rapid healing.

2) Showering is perfectly fine, but do not scrub the ​treated area.

3) Do not submerge the area in a pool, hot tub, lake, or ocean until the wound is completely healed (3-4 days) to minimize risk of infection.

4) If a blister arises keep the area bandaged for at least 24 hours​, especially​ ​if the blister has popped​,​ to prevent infection.

5) Do not pick scabs! Picking scabs can cause scarring which inhibit the effectiveness of further laser treatment.

6) Wear sunscreen for 2-3 months following treatment.

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